Investors can now see return in half the time

GitHub Copilot delivers efficiency gains of 50-60%, getting startups and scaleups to market faster and cheaper.

As markets tighten, you will see return on your investments sooner.

Mike Krieger

Co-founder, Instagram

This is the single most mind-blowing application of machine learning I've ever seen.

Mike Krieger

Co-founder, Instagram

In reference to GitHub Copilot

Double productivity with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has leapt ahead in the last couple of months, and we have adapted how we work to leverage it.

OpenAI and Microsoft collaborated to create a world first artificial intelligence enabled software engineering acceleration technology called GitHub Copilot. Our engineers can now be equipped with this best in class artificial intelligence and apply it to funded projects immediately.

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faster development time in performance tests


faster development with repetitive tasks


of CEOs believe AI will impact their business


of CEOs have not implemented AI in any form

The world's most recognised brands work with Adaca

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United Nations


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Where We Help

We partner with funded startups and scaleups who need software development to prepare for market entry.

We deliver high performance development services, with all our developers having a minimum of 7 years’ experience, to ensure you get maximum bang for your buck.


Initial scoping and ideation of the digital product to be created.


Design a user experience and user interface for the solution.


Undertake software development of the solution.


Test the output to ensure it fulfils the original scope.


Deploy the final solution and go live.

Digital Projects

Adaca is able to develop software for all project types, with GitHub Copilot offering assistance in most digital projects.

Web App Development

Development of web applications involving front and back end code bases.

Mobile App Development

Development of mobile applications with native or hybrid technology stacks.

Custom Platforms

Creation of custom platforms that are built on web or on premise technologies.

API Integrations

Integrations between third party applications to enable automation of processes.


Development of blockchain solutions, including smart contracts and custom chains.

Machine Learning

Custom development of machine learning applications or leveraging third party solutions.


We believe in complete transparency and simplicity with pricing. Our offerings are designed to suit the needs of your project.

All our options are for software development, we do not offer other services.


Artificial intelligence enabled engineering

Key Features:


per developer per month


per project manager “unit” per month*

Adaca Boost Features


Artificial Intelligence

Project Management


Frequently Asked Questions

Adaca Boost builds upon Adaca Managed by empowering our engineers with artificial intelligence technology that enables them to write code more effectively. By inferring the intent of the engineer, the artificial intelligence automatically provides code snippets that finish the function being written by the engineer so they can write code more effectively.

Adaca Boost utilises GitHub Copilot as well as training resources and sessions to accelerate software development time. GitHub Copilot is an artificial intelligence solution developed by GitHub (Microsoft) and OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT. Copilot plugs into the code editor used by our engineers to automatically write code for repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher level thinking.

The artificial intelligence is not always right, and therefore a developer will not always use it. In a recent study, it was found that users accepted on average 26% of all completions shown by the algorithm. That said, by training the engineers, we aim to maximise the amount of accepted code, and also encourage engineers to alter their usage and learn what will provide the best output from the algorithm.

Adaca Boost is available for C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and TypeScript. Get in touch with us to confirm whether Adaca Boost can be used for your next software development project.

If your question isn’t answered, get in touch with us to learn more.

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