Startups and Scaleups

Adaca services startups and scaleups by building and managing high performance, dedicated software development teams combining project managers and senior engineers.

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Build a development team, fast

Adaca builds and manages high performance, dedicated software development teams. Our senior software developers are equipped with 7 years’ commercial experience and at minimum a Bachelor’s degree.

We can be engaged under three unique models. Direct allows you to augment your existing team with our software developers who undertake our extensive recruitment process. Managed includes a local project manager to improve visibility and provide project direction. Boost equips our developers with artificial intelligence in a first of its kind offering to startups and scaleups.

All teams can be mobilised within days.


of startups fail due to misreading of market demand


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faster development time with Adaca Boost

Where We Help

We partner with startups and scaleups to develop software more efficiently and cost effectively. We can work on independent work streams or in a resource augmentation capacity depending on your preference.

We support you exclusively in the development component of the software development life cycle.


Initial scoping and ideation of the digital product to be created.


Design a user experience and user interface for the solution.


Undertake software development of the solution.


Test the output to ensure it fulfils the original scope.


Deploy the final solution and go live.

Digital Projects

Adaca is able to develop software for all project types. Some of our project types are available below, with case studies available on request.

Web App Development

Development of web applications involving front and back end code bases.

Mobile App Development

Development of mobile applications with native or hybrid technology stacks.

Custom Platforms

Creation of custom platforms that are built on web or on premise technologies.

API Integrations

Integrations between third party applications to enable automation of processes.


Development of blockchain solutions, including smart contracts and custom chains.

Machine Learning

Custom development of machine learning applications or leveraging third party solutions.

The world's most recognised brands work with Adaca

United Nations

United Nations


Swiss Government


World Food Programme







ANZ Bank




We believe in complete transparency and simplicity with pricing. Our three offerings are designed to suit the needs of your project. 

All our options are for software development, we do not offer other services.


High performance software engineers


per developer per month

Key Features:


Managed high performance teams


per developer per month


per project manager “unit” per month*

Key Features:


Artificial intelligence enabled engineering


per developer per month


per project manager “unit” per month*

Key Features:

* Project management is charged in “units”, where a project management unit accumulates for every three engineers. For example, three engineers will require one unit, where four engineers will require two units.

Frequently Asked Questions

The exact time to mobilise a team can vary depending on a project’s programming language requirements and availability of talent. Software developers in some cases can be mobilised in as quickly as 2 to 3 business days after an engagement with Adaca commences. We recommend accounting for up to 30 days if your requirements are more unique.

Adaca has a unique model whereby our recruitment team is constantly sourcing and vetting talent for the most common programming languages, meaning these resources can be mobilised faster.

Adaca hires only senior software developers with a minimum of 7 years’ commercial experience as well as a Bachelor’s degree.

Our preference is for developers to have at least 3 years’ experience with the relevant programming language to your project, as well as a Master’s or PhD.

Adaca offers a 30 day replacement guarantee, where if a developer is not suitable for your project, we will replace them completely free of charge. We will also ensure an overlap with the original developer to allow all materials to be handed over.

Adaca supports all major programming languages, including but not limited to TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, .NET, Go, Java, PHP, iOS, and Android. We are also well equipped in all major frameworks such as React, React Native, Node JS, Kotlin, Laravel, and Drupal.

Adaca’s project managers provide a series of standardised and regularly updated reports to our clients including a Gantt chart, changelog, weekly agenda, end of week update, testing plan, decision register, risk register, timesheet, project plan, resource register, and release document.

If your question isn’t answered, get in touch with us to learn more.

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